Here are a few Home/Business MSME loan FAQs that will answer any queries that you may have.
1. What are Wonder Home Finance home & home equity loans all about?
At Wonder Home Finance, we understand the unique needs of the low & middle-income housing-segments where end-users are keen to own their own home. We provide localized processing of your proposals, to facilitate property purchase. With competitive home loan interest rates, multiple product options and a team of dedicated professionals bringing our services to your doorstep.
2. What are the different types of home & home equity loans we provide?
For construction & purchase of a property.
For acquiring a plot to construct a house.
For re-sale, renovation/Home Improvement & Extension of an existing house.
For balance-transfer & top-up of an existing Loan from a few specified lenders.
For personal as well as for business-purpose, Loan Against Property is available
3. What is the loan process?
Step 1: Submit loan application with all required documents for KYC, Income, Property title and Valuation.
Step 2: Official visits for Filed Investigation, Personal Discussion & Tele-verification.
Step 3: After clearance of all queries related to Income, Property Title and valuation, the sanction decision is made.
Step 4: Submission of all requisite Documents for Disbursal, post verification the Disbursal is made, depending on the Loan type.

All key internal processes are handled by a dedicated and knowledgeable in-house team to ensure your application is given due attention and to maintain the highest level of confidentiality.
4. How do I apply?
Leave your contact details here. Write to us at hello@wonderhfl.com. Visit us at our nearest branch.
5. Is there a pre-payment option for your product?
Yes. You can prepay the loan, subject to terms & conditions specified and as per guidelines stipulated by NHB from time to time.
6. What is the maximum loan I can borrow?
Loan amount is subject to income and valuation of Property.
7. What are my tenure options?
You can choose tenure options between 3 to 20 years.
8. Can I get a Home & Home Equity Loan without a bank account?
No, you would need to show a bank statement for the past 6 months.
Still Have Any doubts?
To get answers to process-related questions, please fill the form and our team will get in touch with you.