We know that home finance isn’t just about buying the house, there is an entire journey of processes and procedures that help consumers finally live their dream. At Wonder Home Finance Ltd, we aim to deliver high quality products & service to our customers through proven professionals, best-in-class technology and customer friendly processes. We want to be true companions in this important journey, hand holding our customers every step of the way, act transparently, ensure customers have all the information they need for each and every decision and keep things absolutely simple - even overlook minor inadequacies in proofs and documentation where we know the customer well through our unique appraisal process.

Wonder Home Finance Ltd; is a NHB-registered housing finance company based out of Rajasthan, India. Incorporated with a view to provide finance through home loans and business MSME loans, keeping in mind the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) to provide finance to lower and middle-class segment of the society in semi-urban and rural areas. Promoted by the RK Group, pioneers in the field of Marble and Cement housing the RK Marble and Wonder Cement brands.

We’re sure that millions of Indians will choose Wonder Home Finance as their home or MSME loan partner, and give their zindagi a perfect shuruaat.
To be India's most customer-centric, technology-enabled, process driven and accessible housing finance company, while maintaining the highest level of corporate governance to enable our customers to build homes and conduct businesses by effortlessly and expeditiously obtaining loans from us at the most competitive rates.
Ashok Patni
Across Rajasthan and beyond, Mr. Ashok Patni, chairman emeritus of R.K. Group, invokes a sense of vision, scale & excellence. Nowhere more so than at Wonder Home Finance, where he is committed to bring Indians a quality Home Finance service at the most reasonable rates, to ensure more and more Indians become proud home owners with maximum ease of process and service. Mr. Patni’s dream is to build Wonder Home Finance up to the same reputation as the rest of the group companies, a leader in its category and an example to corporate India.
A leader, a pioneer and a visionary, Mr. Patni’s growth from humble beginnings deep in Rajasthan to building the RK Group to house one of the world’s foremost marble brands, nurturing the growing legacy of Wonder Cement and now, bringing Wonder Home Finance to the forefront as a groundbreaking young company, Mr. Patni has once again shown his ambition to bring genuine value to India, rooted in his trademark values of honesty, integrity, transparency and quality.
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